Each Rucker is responsible for their own ruck sacks. All Ruckers will bring their own sacks and will be responsible for it's weight. Rucker's will fill their sacks with whatever they like to achieve the appropriate weight.

Each Rucker's rucksack will be weighed at check-in, at random checkpoints and at the end of the march.

*Team Class - Teams are made up of 5 individuals. A team can be made up of 5 men or 5 women. Co-Ed Teams will consist of 3 and 2. Each team must carry a 3'x5' US Flag, mounted on a flag pole. Teams can carry an additional "Team Flag" if they so choose. Team Flags must also be 3'x5' and mounted on a flag pole. 

Water - Each Rucker shall begin the march with a minimum of 2 liters of water. WATER WEIGHT IS NOT CALCULATED INTO YOUR TOTAL RUCK WEIGHT. Checkpoints throughout the route will supply additional water if needed/wanted. 

Additional Gear - Ruckers may wear any additional gear they feel necessary. There is no regulation on footwear. 

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